Weddings Photographer. Free Lance 
and Studio Photography. Professional Digital 
Photographer. Special occasions Photographer.


We video weddings, birthdays, retirements, church events, and special occasions.  (DVD/VHS)



Photo pictures and/or home movies converted to DVD

We convert your old pictures and/or home movies to DVD.  
Pop in a DVD at the family reunion or holiday celebration. 
The joy and memories you and your family will experience 
watching your DVD. Gather all the old pictures out of the 
attic, basement, garage and lets make a MOVIE!

Heat Transfer

We create a heat transfer from your photo and/or graphical design. 
Using the appropriate heat sealer we apply the transfer to your item(s). 
Great for family reunion, team projects, or gifts. Can be applied to T-shirts, 
Sweatshirts, Mugs, Caps, Ceramic, and other items.

Silk Screen

 We make a design screen film from your original design. If the design 
has more than one color, you'll need a design screen for each color. There is a 
cost per screen. After the screens are developed the shirts (items) can be inked 
(apply design). Silk screening is cheaper than heat applying, if you're doing large 
quantities. For more information, please contact us at  1(313)270-7214.


 Basic (In-house design templates) designs can be 
embroider on the garments. Price varies depending 
on the number of stitches and garment. 

If the design is custom, the design will have to be 
digitized. We contract the digitizing out and price 
can vary.